Hello dear Dreamers,

are your dreams too big or maybe too small? Are they still not reality due to lack of money? Ok, dreamers out there, let me be the voice of your dreams, cause i love to help, the more the better.

I’m a Networker because of my dreams. As Waiter/Barkeeper i can’t work as much as i need, to earn the money i need. And even if i could, there would be no time left to live the life i desire. Ever thought that your dreams are justfied? That they are anchored in your soul instead of greed? We do not all dream the same dream, do we? Some dream of cars, houses, freedom, jewelries, travel, or things like time for a dog, kids, family. Some dream of all together . . . I can’t even say that we all dream of love, do we? Look around, and then take a look inside yourself. What are your dreams? And what do you need to experience them in reality? 

I can tell you my answer often is money. And what about you? Here’s the way i discovered, so i can offer different possibilities, depends on your need of money.

The easiest thing is: become a customer at dubli.com to make more of the money you have right now. It is the Global Leader in Cashback and online shopping. Here you can earn as free Customer on every purchase. We all have to shop, from toiletpaper to clothes to holidays. The Cashback depends on the shop. You can use the „refer a friend“ program to earn additional 10€/$ per customer. If you decide to upgrade as a VIP-Member you’ll get +2% Cashback. And now hold on: only as VIP-Member you’re able to order the incredible Global VIP Rewards Prepaid Mastercard. That card earns 4% Cashback for you, wherever, online and offline, Mastercard is accepted. In combination with the shopping platform that could be up to 34%. People earn 300 – 2000 €/$ Cashback a year!

They’re going to change prices and set the card April 1st 2018, as i know, so VIP-Membership will be 49$ that means 50% off! My advice for you: Join for free right now subscribe to newsletter and wait until April to get your best deal ever!

But listen, i do not make fun of you. If that isn’t enough money for your dreams, i understand that. You can enter the dublinetwork.com and earn commissions while promoting dubli shopping, the Creditcard that earns money and dublinetwork.

Here you can choose. If you buy yourself with the Business Associate Package for 99$ your already in, and able to earn 20% – 30% commissions on your own and your customers Cashback. That’s pretty cheap for Network-Marketing as i know. But you’re not able to enroll partners and  build a team. Special Bonus: There are NO monthly conditions, qualifications or minimum sales. They made it easy for us to earn money.

If you want to enroll partners and build a team you have to start with Team Member Package. It’s 495$ and you pay not only the Backoffice, you also buy VIP-Vouchers. 12 are included to start your business. (from April 1st they said) You’re able to enroll partners, and build your dream team. You earn comissions in 7 ways. The first step as a Member is: send yourself a VIP-Voucher, to become your best customer. The only condition to keep your rank is the number of VIP-customers. So let me repeat: they made it easy for us to earn money.

For countries with a different income level they offer a Special Team Member Package. It costs 297$ and includes 6x VIP-Vouchers. (from April 1st) Please check it out check it out here if your country is in. And i repeat: the made it easy for us to earn money.

If you’re  involved in charity and volunteer you have to enroll as Partner Program Accelerator, the PPA Package. At the online Dubli Academy you learn how to sell the Program and give charity organisations the chance to do more good.  They will get more donations from their customers/members and you will earn comissions 8 ways. For charity organisations it’s free until June 1st 2018. Momentum is now! This Package starts with 2475$ and comes with 60 VIP-Vouchers. (from April 1st) So i repeat again: They made it easy for us to earn money.

Watch Video here

This Vision contains profit for everyone who’s in. The customer gets Cashback, the Business Associate (YOU) gets commissions and Cashback, the charity gets donations, the company gets commissions, the shops get sales and at the end everyone is happy. Do you agree? Join here.

Well, for sure you have to do it, but with the view of getting rewarded like you deserve. Not only in Dollars but with fulfilled dreams as well.

Here are some insights from Dubli Summit 2018 in Dubai, where i met some of the most inspired people, so to say heroes.

Michael Hansen Founder, CEO & Director and me
Powerlady and Senior Vice President Blanka Williams, unbelievable and 1. Senior Vice President ToM Schmitz and me
Chief Network Officer Jerry Yerke, Executive Vice President Bicky Carlra and me
But as much as i appreciate the Leadership, i appreciate my upline, sponsor and team

Upline Gerhard Reheusser, Sponsor Julia Krezdorn, me and other partners from the Team BlueOceanMovement
I can tell you, we had a great time in Dubai. It was my first time. The company is established in 120 Countries and available in 10 languages, also arabic and japanese. Start your global business now. Be the first and tell your friends to be part of the anticipated future in online shopping and Cashback. Go for your dreams.

Sincerly yours,