Hello dear friends,

do you love to travel like i do? Or are you in business that you have to travel a lot? Then i have good news for you. Earn money while booking online.

How does that work?

Here it is: I know a shopping platform which is Global Leader in Cashback. It’s available in 10 languages, the europeans, but also arabic and japanese. It pays the highest Cashback and offers the best deals!

It’s called: dubli.com. Ever heard of it? If not, of course you have to give this a try. Sign in for free right now. Free customers will earn a Basic Cashback on every purchase through the platform. But of course you can upgrade as VIP. Those customers will earn +2% Cashback and will be rewarded with special deals for flights, hotels and other specials. Coming soon, stay tuned!

The hotel special is: as VIP you not only get special deals you also earn 6% Cashback on top of your special deal. Like i did, when i booked Atlantis The Palm in Dubai. Of course i’m VIP, it’s the best profit i ever had out of shopping! Let me show you this:


It’s almost 10%! At the moment it’s pending, because they check it. Status will change to „Complete“ and „Available“ when it is paid out. I show you how this looks like:


The available Cashback is from shoppings before, the Pending Cashback is from the hotel booking and you see the result of all my shopping, since i know this platform! But of course, you have to add VIP Cashback to Earnings to date to get the total!

But look, as customer you can earn in another way too. Be the first and tell your friends. For every VIP member you earn 5€/$ and for every customer who earned 25€/$ you can earn 5€/$ too. It doesn’t matter if VIP or Basic, you get a personalized referal link, you can find it in the section „Refer-a-friend“.

I think this is great! Customer gets Cashback, Shop get sales, company gets commissons, so it’s a win-win-win and everyone is happy, right?

Don’t waist to much time, what do you have to lose?

Sincerly yours,